"Certification Mark TMT" confirmed


Recently, the certification "Certification Mark TMT" for the entreprises Fromsseier Plantage A/S, Brande (Denmark), und Novawood, Istanbul (Turkey), were confirmed in result of external surveillance. Fromsseier (brand Celloc®) is certified for thermally modified ash within category "TMT exterior" and reached after lab test against wood-decay fungi (basidiomycota) durability class 1 "very durable". Novawood, with the brand novathermowood®, is certified with the same wood type within category "TMT exteriorPlus" and reached durability class 1 "very durable" within lab tests against both wood-decay fungi (basidiomycota) and soft rot fungi. Additionally to durability tests, several physical and mechanical tests are object of surveillance.

"Certification Mark TMT" is a voluntary certification programme of Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor Holztechnologie GmbH (EPH); the label is a registered EU trademark. Further information are available at

25th Round robin test on mould diagnostics successfully passed


In 2013, the Mykolabor Dresden of IHD has taken part the seventh time successfully in a German-wide round robin test on mould diagnostics, organized by the Landesgesundheitsamt Baden-Württemberg. On basis of their long-term experience, the expert team succeeded to determine all 6 taxonomic species out of 6 moulds given as pure cultures; again, this was a challenging exercise.


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Aspergillus glaucus 600:1 from robin round test (photo: Weiß/IHD)

Determination of technical characteristics for thermal insulation


Material characteristics for thermal insulation of building components form the basis for the structural-physical design of buildings and components.

At Institut fuer Holztechnologie Dresden (IHD) the following two test devices for the determination of the thermal conductivity and the thermal resistance of insulating materials, wood based materials, floorings and other board or mat shaped materials are available for research projects and tests during the development process: a one-plate device (type lambda-meter EP500e) of Lambda-Messtechnik GmbH company from Dresden, Germany, and a two-plate device (type TLP-900H) of taurus instruments GmbH company from Weimar, Germany.

A requirement for the measurement is the existence of flat and parallel surfaces. The measurement of loose material, e.g. blow-in insulation materials, is also possible with the use of special test collections.

Entwicklungs- und Prueflabor Holztechnologie (EPH) uses this equipment in its notified test laboratory to determine the characteristics for the thermal conductivity and for the thermal resistance of insulating material in conformity with the standards and to identify the performance characteristics for the CE marking or, for example, the suitability of flooring structures for the use on underfloor heating. These characteristics are also determined on dismounted materials in expert's reports.


New preparation technology in the Wood Anatomy Laboratory


The Wood Anatomy Laboratory of IHD now possesses a new preparation equipment. With this, samples from particular hard, brittle or sensitive materials can be embedded in epoxy resin. Subsequently they are wet or dry grinded and polished to get high-quality, reflected light preparations. The equipment was acquired for the running research project "Development of test methods for innovative surface structures of laminate flooring". The project is managed by the IHD department Surface.

Corundum particles in the HPL coating of laminate flooring, reflected light, 300-fold magnification

The focus of the 8th European TMT workshop is on international developments, quality assurance, green accounting, standardisation as well as applications in the construction sector. The target groups are producers of TMT, plant manufacturers, the wood working industrial and craft sector, timber trade, architects and engineers, authorities, and other research and test institutes. The conference languages are German and English; simultaneous interpreting (German/English) will be provided.

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Brochure about "Veneer in Interior Work"


IHD and the "Professur für Holz -und Faserwerkstofftechnik" [professorship for wood and fibre material technology] of the Technische Universität Dresden created a new brochure about "Veneer in Interior Work". It includes definitions and characteristics, and describes processing methods and examples of application of veneer. This document aims to deepen the expertise of planners, executors and users.


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New competence in wood research

Confirmed: Trägerverein of IHD is full member of AiF

As of 1 June 2011, the Trägerverein of the Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden e.V. (TIHD) is a new member association for wood technology. Research centres, which would like to cooperate with the new member association of AiF, can from now on submit their project proposals for the programme "Cooperative industrial research and development" (IGF) to the Trägerverein for the application to AiF.

IHD's research in Universal Design


Since 2009 IHD is engaged in research in Universal Design. In two projects, IHD examines the implementation of criteria of the Universal Design in prefabricated buildings and in furniture for private living areas.

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