Woodwork and material testing
PIC Woodwork and material testing

Entwicklungs- und Prüflabor Holztechnologie GmbH (EPH) offers a wide range of tests of wood, wood products and wood materials.

In addition to the conventional mechanical tests, EPH offers system tests, dynamic impact tests and physical tests of construction materials. 

EPH is a notified body approved for the testing of glued-laminated timber according to EN 14080, strength-graded timber according to EN 14081-1, wood materials according to EN 13986, and laminated veneer lumber according to EN 14374. 

Furthermore, EPH is a testing, inspection and certification body approved under the state building regulations for the testing of various wooden construction products and wood materials.

Range of services

Mechanical and Physical Material Testing
 - Valuation of stiffness

Thermal Protection Testing
 - appraisal of
   thermal conductivity
   and –resistance
 - U-value calculation

Moisture Proofing Tests
- appraisal of water vapour

Testing of Formwork Girder
 - external supervision and

Testing of Supporting Floors and Roof Boardings
 - valuation of stiffness

   under point loading

   and shock resistance

Wood Sorting According to Stability
 - certification and external

Testing of Mechanical Fasteners
 - suitability testing of nails,
   special nails, palette nails,
   clamps …

Adhesive Testing
 - testings according to EN
   204/205 and EN 301/302
 - delamination tests

Climatic Pre-Treatment

 - climate conditioning
 - long term and alternating
   climate tests





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